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Damascus and Elk Tomahawk traditional style Coyote jaw Damascus Daggers, handles styles and choices! Daggers- handles, styles, and choices! Dagger- handles- styles choices ! Bird & Trout knife- GLOWING! Bird & Trout glow handle Hunter, with guard. Dymondwood Small Elk Hunter Large Fighter Knife Frontier knife Damascus Dagger Rosewood Jade med. Hunter Military fighting knife- my design Karambit's Jaw Bone Damascus knife Hunter, made from 88 carbon rasp Castrate knife W/ guard Castrate knife W/O guard Throwing "Bowie" knives Black-out high carbon knife with elk handle Faux Ivory damascus dagger Osage wood, hunter. Curly maple, 88 carbon rasp Bowie I-X-L engraved, desert ironwood Damascus with Elk and turquoise spacers Curly Maple frame handle- damascus Ash burl, small hunter, made from rasp Nesmuk style, rubber handle Small Damascus dagger Damascus #3 Knife Large single guard camp knife My copy Vietnam S.F. knife Large Bowie frame handle design Facebook & Instagram Ultimate Hunter Fighter ball bearing knife Med size hunter, reindeer Small cross draw with orange and black G-10 1911 knife "Chute" knife, White G-10 Dress Bowie Random pattern damascus, sheep horn "Fighter" knife, over 9 inch blade "Mini" Avatar 11 inch blade "Avatar" knife Knuckle Knife "Cole" fighting knife,,, my copy August 2014 1850's Push Dagger Damascus and sheep horn H.D. Timing chain knife, twist pattern Joe from "Sons of Guns" looking over my knives! Camp knife, Hickory wood, medium size ZOMBIE KNIFE 11-1/2 inch blade "Smax" camp kitchen ax Cross Draw knives: picture display of different knives 4 Steel Damascus, published in Blade magazine Feb. 2010 9-5/8" Damascus Bowie, Giraffe bone handle Smax.. Cuts firewood and Veggies too! Bowie, with Desert Ironwood handle Photo by "" test knives, all sold! Janna Moore my daughter 3-31-1981 to 12-8-2009 I finally got published! Pictures of me forging and the "Rope cut" My "journeyman smith" performance test, " American Bladesmith Society" more pictures from the A.B.S. test Camp / Kitchen Hatchet
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